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Preserving Family Ties was written to give a clearer understanding of the complexity in child custody when parents separate.  The author presents the social research relating it to current child custody decision making, then demonstrates how better child custody decisions can be determined to improve child outcomes.  Importantly, too, Preserving Family Ties provides you the historical context for the changes you experience, what you may fear, and why.


This book will help you understand that one can move forward best when they acknowledge your feelings as you endure so many life changes, often abrupt and unexpected, recognize the obstacles and options in the child custody and divorce process and seek support from family, friends, community resources to affect the best transition for you and your children.


There is no magic wand to solve problems that parents may encounter, real or imaginary. However, our imagination can play havoc with this journey of family transition. The future we prefer for our children, for each parent, for grandparents and other extended family members, can be far better than imagined.




The book will give the reader a historical background of Family Court was well as a direction for the future. It is a must reading for the professional and for the layman facing litigation. .The summary of the research is excellent and easy to understand.” 

Dr. Douglas Darnall

Author, Divorce Casualties


“The reference book by Dr, Roseman provides all readers with a common understanding of divorce dynamics, child custody variables, and opportunities for improved child outcomes when parents decide to separate and divorce. Parent alienation is included in the text but it should be avoided at all levels for each parent.” 

Dr. Richard Sauber

Founding Editor, American Journal of Family Therapy

Co-Editor, The International Handbook on Parental Alienation Syndrome.


“Dr. Roseman has completed a very thorough and helpful guide for families of divorce as well as professionals. Very carefully researched and written. No matter how much you think you know about divorce and how to lessen its impacts, you will learn something here.”

Dr. Donald A. Gordon,

Professor Emeritus, Ohio University

CEO, The Center for Divorce Education


“If you are a person facing the prospect of shared parenting, or if you are someone working with such parents as a lawyer, judge, court appointed special advocate, mental health professional etc. you must wonder if there couldn’t be a better way than our current court system to resolve these family matters in a way that promotes the child’s well-being as well as the long-term connection of the family members.  In this book, Mark Roseman offers a personal guide to just such better outcomes.”

– Teresa L. Kaiser, JD, Former Executive Director,

State of Maryland Child Support Enforcement Administration


 “This is a must read for anyone who seeks to protect children from the ravages of divorce and to reduce the tension, emotional distress and expense of divorce. Preserving Family Ties is also essential reading for clergy, who unfortunately, must become experts in divorce and its effects on children in today’s world.”

Rabbi Barry Silver, Esq.

 Attorney and Former Florida State Representative